About Werine Erasmus

If you love walking through a home store, paging through interior design magazines and watching property flipping shows, then you already know a little about me.

Having renovated over 20 homes, my mission now is to share my knowledge and experience to help other keen renovators avoid the rookie mistakes.

While TV shows make home renovation look quick and easy, many renovators struggle with the reality. It can be tough finding the right project, juggling finances, managing trades and selling for profit.

I’ve learned so much that I’ve written a book  to help you get closer to your renovation dreams. 

I’m here to provide renovation advice to help make your renovation experience a positive one.

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The Happy Renovator

- Story -

When I purchased my first property many moons ago, I could finally apply my passion for renovating and add my own flair to real bricks and mortar. However, the excitement of being a homeowner was overshadowed by the knowledge that I would be tied to a mortgage for more than 20 years. I quickly realised that:

I wanted to be mortgage free ASAP.
I needed to make extra money to achieve this.
I wanted a healthy work/life balance.

So, I embarked on the journey of renovation and I tried all options.

First, I juggled renovating with working full-time (exhausting).  Then I quit my job to renovate full-time (goodbye savings!). Then, finally… I found the happy medium, working part-time and renovating part-time.

Hello balanced and happy lifestyle and goodbye scary mortgage!

So what do I do now?

I write, speak, teach and renovate!

The Happy Renovator, About, The Happy Renovator
The Happy Renovator, About, The Happy Renovator


Helpful checklists, tips and advice to make your renovation easier, quicker and profitable!

E-book available now!

The Happy Speaker


I love talking about all things renovating, but also have a deep passion to encourage others who may want to make a change in their life and they don’t know how, too scared or fearful of taking the first step.

Through my own experience and perseverance, I’ve learnt to navigate the process of making a change and hope to encourage others to do the same:-

To take that first step, 
make a change,
start a new business,
change direction,
follow that dream,
dance in the rain or whatever it may be!

 Contact me today to discuss your event objectives
Happy to tailor content to your audience’s needs or event theme.

  • 20+ years’ experience in undertaking and managing property renovation projects from conception to completion.  
  • Host of the popular Radio Renos lifestyle programme on 2NUR FM.
  • Featured in Australia Property Investor magazine.
  • Author of The Happy Renovator book

How the flip did you get started?

For me, flipping properties came about by a chain of completely random events.

I owned a unit which was located on a busy corner.  It was so noisy, I decided to renovate and sell the unit which resulted in a profit of $50,000.

I used the $50,000 profit as the deposit to buy a lovely little house.  Unfortunately, I took a promotion at work which demanded long hours away from home and resulted in me being too exhausted to mow lawns on the weekend!

So, I renovated the house cosmetically, sold it at a profit and purchased a townhouse with practically no garden!

Of course I had no idea I’m going to fall in love with a person who lived in New South Wales.. so again, I renovated and sold.

The story continues, but I’m sure you catch my drift.  Each time I added value to the property with cosmetic renovations and sold it at a profit.  It was easy, because I love renovating.  But, turns out, it was a very good strategy!

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