About Werine Erasmus

If you love walking through a home store, paging through interior design magazines and watching property flipping shows, then you already know a little about me.

I’ve renovated many properties and have even been featured in Australian Property Investor. My mission is to help you avoid common renovation mistakes by sharing the knowledge I’ve learned through my own experience.

I’ve learned so much that I’ve written a book and started this site to help you and other would-be renovators follow their dreams.

While TV shows make home renovation look quick and easy, many renovators struggle with the reality. It can be tough finding the right project, juggling finances, managing trades and selling for profit.

I’m here to provide renovation advice to help make your renovation experience a positive one.

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The Happy Renovator

- Story -

When I purchased my first property many moons ago, I could finally apply my passion for renovating and add my own flair to real bricks and mortar. However, the excitement of being a homeowner was overshadowed by the knowledge that I would be tied to a mortgage for more than 20 years.

I quickly realised that:

1. I wanted to be mortgage free ASAP.
2. I needed to make extra money to achieve this.

Flipping properties came about by a chain of completely random events:

I owned a unit which was located on a busy corner. It was so noisy, I decided to renovate and sell the unit which resulted in a profit of $50,000.

I used the $50,000 profit as the deposit to buy a lovely little house. Unfortunately, I took a promotion at work which demanded long hours away from home and resulted in me being too exhausted to mow lawns on the weekend!

So, I renovated the house cosmetically, sold it at a profit and purchased a townhouse with practically no garden!

Of course I had no idea I’m going to fall in love with a person who lived in New South Wales…. so again, I renovated and sold.

The story continues but I’m sure you catch my drift. Each time I added value to the property with cosmetic renovations and sold it at a profit. It was easy because I simply love renovating. But turns out, it was a very good strategy!

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How the Happy Renovator can help


Over time, I have developed “renovation recipes” which prevent you from reinventing the wheel each time a new project is commenced. My recipes focus mainly on cosmetic renovation, although they would still be a very helpful tool for structural renos as well.

During my first few renovations, I did not keep track of my own processes or the order in which I was organising the renovation. This meant I often made the same, costly mistakes – like organising tradies in the wrong order. This ended up costing much more and eating away at my profits.

That was my motivation for developing my “reno recipes”, so that I can follow checklists that make each renovation process much easier and more cost-effective. The recipes take care of most of the planning so I can focus on taking action. My tick-box style approach is practical and to the point with lots of hot renovation tips and tricks to make your renovation process much easier and more cost-effective.

My part-time-work-and-renovate


Somewhere in between all the renovating and moving, I tried the ‘quit your job and renovate full time’ strategy being spruiked in the marketplace. Let me tell you, it is not that easy!

Though it sounds like a dream, bills drained my savings. The pressure of getting all the renovations done in two to three months as well as finding another project was just too much for me.

I desired a healthy work/life balanced lifestyle, so I added another wish to my dream list:

I wanted to work part-time to have more free time

That is how my part-time-work-and-renovate strategy was born!
I realised that working part-time would cover my bills and I would have time to renovate, plus give me the freedom to walk my dogs each day. I had found my happy medium– and I have no mortgage! This strategy can work for you too!