Helpful budget renovations checklists, guidance & tips!

Helpful budget renovation checklists, guidance & tips!

Renovating is my forte!

Hi, I’m Werine.  The Happy Renovator

I’ve renovated over 20 homes and have made a gazillion mistakes, which cost time and money. That’s why I decided to help others, like you, to avoid the common pitfalls of renovation.

Renovating can be incredibly frustrating without the right tools and know-how.  With my hands-on experience in renovation and property flipping, I can help you get closer to your renovation dreams and goals. How?

The Happy Renovator, Home, The Happy Renovator

Learn to flip property and  renovate checklist-style

Don’t know how to start your project? Want to avoid a reno-disaster or learn how to flip property, then The Happy Renovator book is for you! 

Boost your confidence with personalised guidance

Need a bit of direction or a brainstorm buddy? Book a chat> and let me guide you towards your renovation dreams.

Renovate, motivate and
talking about it!

Need a speaker for your event?
I’m on a mission to inspire not just renovators, but anyone starting a new project or adventure!

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The Happy Renovator, Home, The Happy Renovator

Get the Book

~ AVAILABLE in Print & eBook!

Full of tips, tricks and checklists, The Happy Renovator recounts my experiences, good and bad, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. This book is the ultimate renovation guide for beginner and seasoned renovators alike, to help you avoid common pitfalls and find success, whatever your renovation project.

The Happy Renovator, Home, The Happy Renovator

During my first few renovations, I did not keep track of all the processes.  I made many costly mistakes – like organising tradies in the wrong order.

That was my motivation for developing checklists and writing a book, so that I can follow checklists that make each renovation process much easier.

Whether you are:

  • Planning a big kitchen renovation
  • Doing a small bathroom makeover
  • Sprucing up one room or
  • Renovating your entire home

These checklists will be your ultimate renovation guide and help you streamline your project.

Take the stress out of the renovation process and become a Happy Renovator too!

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Are you contemplating a renovation project and unsure of the best approach?  Or maybe you’ve watched TV renovation shows and wondered whether it really is possible to make money flipping property.

Jump on a call with me! For one whole hour (or two), I want to hear all about your renovation or property flipping aspirations.

You’ll get specific questions answered directly.  From kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels through to flipping know-how, I can help you map out your future renovation plans and help you stay on budget.

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I’m on a mission to inspire not just renovators, but anyone who wants to start a new project or adventure.

Especially those who are hesitant to take that first step.

I bring a fresh perspective to the concept of ‘new beginnings’ to help my audience grow.

My speaking style is enjoyed by audiences across Australia who leaves feeling encouraged, bolder and braver to confidently pursue their dreams and ideas.